This concept was a whim of mine gone berserk… 5H1T got into the mind of the studio (Synn Studios) and hung out like garlic on a vampire slayer. After my 1st comedy direction opportunity, we’re gonna do it again… but now for real!

Captain Ace Dipper had lost the most important baseball game for his crew which sent them to man the worst space ship in fleet. As the crew orbits the greatest intergalactic star battle earth has ever seen, the crew tries to help when their actions finish the battle with a bang that sends them sailing across the galaxy becoming an enemy to everyone, even their own. It’s only after the smoke clears that they realize they’re in some pretty deep…

This crazy series will be filming over the course of three weeks in December 2009. With 8 episodes shot in April, the cast and crew have decided to come back and make a 6 episode series that will explore the real background of Deep 5.H.1.T. The 6 episode series will be sent as part of a full spoof series that will pitched to the Comedy Network at CTV in January. It’s gonna be deep and fluffy… LOL

Many thanks to the volunteer crew (18 hands including really talented props builders, makeup, writers, camera man, editors, producer etc…) we got it done super quick. After the dust settled, the ship dissembled and recycled into other props, we realized it was way too much fun not to polish and rework into the rubber chicken gem that it truly is.

[3D done in Modo, other elements including logo and console in illustrator and photoshop]

1st concept renders I created for the ridiculous shooting schedule we had in “yesterday” time. The ship’s front and side sections were removable for shooting with locked off, hand held or steady-cam or extra lighting. We were able to pump 4k+ through the ceiling lighting area with simple floods.

Here is a rough example of the first episode filmed April 09