Here are a few pointers for those who are new to the process of buying art and design for books. These are my notes from my own experience with illustrators, designers and creative people in general.

1) The triangle of results:
The most important thing to remember about design and illustration is “the triangle of results”. You only can select 2 of the 3 aspects: Best Time, Best Quality, Best Price.
An example would be I want the fastest time and something awesome looking, this would mean the price-tag will be at a premium…
The same goes for:
– Best quality / price – more time
– Best price / time – lower quality

2) Control & Price:
After reading the story and getting a sense of what the author was after, the artist should be able to flow with the vision. It becomes fun and things can end up taking less time and or looking better then expected.
If you need to change things a lot, that means you are not in sync with the creative / illustrator. This will make them count the hours and in the extreme case, they will not continue after the first finished project. Sometime they may quit part way through especially if the money is not adequate, but also if they are not trusted to do their job. This isn’t the norm mind you but the dramatic extreme.

3) Know what you want ASAP.
Revisions can kill enthusiasm and leave a project lacking its spark. – That would be the all so pervasive love you want to soak each sweated page with (of your book or design project) .

4) Communicate your vision clearly and concisely.
Best to really get your vision down first and then try your damnedest to surrender to the process.

5) Trust in your hired talent. (pick the right artist)
Glaring errors need to be tended to of course, but also trust your artist for the love they want to add to your project. Sales depend on wow in the whole book, project etc…

I wish you all the best with your projects!
Please remember – this can all be a lot of FUN if you stay in love with all the parts.