About Seth

The greatest mystery can only be recounted by the height and breadth of one’s imagination and intuition. Its language has forever been that of story. Informing, transforming and transfiguring the way we see all the worlds within and without, a story IS everything and nothing. Once told, each one is only a link in a never ending chain. Each one is an other colour, painting our vista forever describing to us the nature of what is beautiful and sublime. When sifting through the lies of the world, art is the least deceptive and affords us a glimpse into what can never be seen directly. ~SJR

I began telling stories through images as a young boy in school. I would grab paper from anywhere and everywhere I could get it, drawing spaceships and battles. I found it frustrating that I was not being able to draw or write fast enough to capture and render all the ideas that I imagined. I finished high school with some recognition of my budding talents; however, art college proved to be more challenging to me. With some reservation, I took up a graphic design job for money. But my real dreams of becoming a storyteller never left me alone for a second. Stories waiting to be told kept bubbling up, some written, some drawn, others shared during conversations. After a long career in graphic design, I finally decided to surrender and pursue the calling, instead of being pursued by it.

I write stories and create images depicting spiritual struggle and surrender, vistas of expanding awareness, places and times of death, rebirth and transformation in the guises and genres they wish to show themselves. I also love collaborating and will be working in new media, film and print on interesting projects that come my way.