Seth Rowanwood Illustration


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Dark Goddess

This painting was one of the first pieces completed coming back from a long trip. I was asked to create a rendition of the Dark Goddess as a way of finding meaning in difficult situations and the compassion, blessings and peace in the death,...

Collective Arts Brewing

Winner of the Collective Arts Brewing Competition: Posie Pilot: 3D Illustration  INAUGURAL ART SERIES  - LABEL #59.  see all awards here


Vibe Newsletter logo design photo-retouching Advertising image campaign using stock and artistic retouching. Signage on Metcalfe in Montreal

Anex & Bit

Written by Joanne Lécuyer - Co-written & Illustrated by SJR - Published by Topsy Books. Read the testimonial here. Reviews: Anex & Bit - 1st book review - Ottawa Family Living Magazine "The Tales Of Anex & Bit" is my...

Silver Linings

This pro bono illustration was created for June Scobee Rogers' 25th Anniversary Edition of her book "Silver Linings". Ms. Scobee Rogers is also the founder of the Challenger Centers. The cover concept was created considering the existing equity of the original book,...

Mostro Piano Forte E Trono

This super fun project was created in modo and took 16 hrs from start to finish.


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Razmon Dulchii

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