The opening sequence for series of videos I produced for Urban Primitive. Tasks included branding, 3d animation, motion design, original theme music, interviews, video & editing.

The Elora Tarot Project is the first in a series of videos called the Art of Transformation. Featuring Artist Daemon Rowanchilde, client interviews, art and tattoo work and his creative process. Life’s constant invitation to change brings people to Daemon’s door and their stories will inspire you, and may bring tears of both joy and compassion. As this ongoing series unfolds the tattoo process may feel as uncomfortable witnessing as it can be in the actual tattooing. Courage, passion, desire for change and transformation is the golden thread throughout. The life of this tattoo artist has made him an agent for transformation in many people’s lives including his own.

If you have any questions for Daemon you may contact him via Tumblr: @daemonrowanchilde, Twitter: @bodyartbyDaemon, Instagram: @urbanrprimitive, Email: or visit