The base sacred geometry that inspired this symbol was the root yantra from the greater Sri Yantra* set. Also known as the 9 Sacred Wombs the root yantra holds some important primordial truths in its core representation.Composed of three triangles – As ether two water one fire or two lights and one container – It looks like a star of David with an extra triangle creating a three way symmetry in its center structure. The water, fire, earth, and air alchemical symbols represent unity of the four elements also include the Masculine and Feminine principals. That unity also creates another yoga consciousness called a Deva or Overmind and it arises from the woven consciousness of the Two becoming One. When two or more come together in synergy, the resonant vertices between the Earth, the galaxies, and divine archetypal energies are aligned, and all things become possible.

“When two or more gather in my name I shall be present”

The trinity is the a basic Component of many spiritual and esoteric practices. The three heart then represent the Love of the individuals creating a greater conscious presence of Universal Love.

In this heart, at the center, is the drop that represents the mixing of both celestial white light and the earthly red light. Shown as the colour pink with the green colour of the heart charkra. This drop is used in visualizations of the 3rd eye to bring about the manifestation of ones Buddha nature : “Visualize the Buddha become the Buddha…”

The circle represents the unbroken chain of truth, change, unity and perfection. It has also the meaning of ‘heaven’ in Chinese symbolism (round heaven square earth)

“We are one whether we want to accept it or not. As we learn to work together in love, the limits of our expression recede and we become what we have always been. As children of the universe we can dance and celebrate this forever in our ever changing guises and expressions. Honoring our deepest nature within and without.” ~SJR