The House of the Nameless

‘The House of Nameless’ story Illustration won the Golden Brush Illustrators of the future Award

Literary fiction book cover illustration: mixed 2d-3d digital painting.

My L.A. experience was incredible! Winning the Quarterly and then the Gold Award was just the icing on the cake. The WotF team really took great care of all the winners during our stay. They really went all out for us. Hollywood was also better then I could have expected and I am so very grateful  for having had the opportunity to see it in this way. Here are some highlights:


  • Arriving in Los Angeles. One of the mentoring sessions with the judges Ron & Val Lindahn, Stephen Hickman, Cliff Nielsen and the illustrators.
  • The wandering and surprisingly charming bling’o’sphere at night and a shot of the illustrators at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood blvd.
  • Meeting Jason Fischer the writer of the story entitled “The House of Nameless” for whom I created the Gold Award winning illustration
  • The paper signature section with my illustration that literally came hot off the press @ Delta Printing.
  • Awards Night in the hall at the Roosevelt where the 1st Academy Awards were held in 1939 followed by the reception, interviews and book signings.
  • More book signings at Borders where I met Jonathan who wrote for OMNI way back in the day…. it was my favorite magazine when I was as a kid and it was one of those moments of clarity and joy when you know that we’re all connected.